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Join Keenan in supporting Hurricanes Harvey & Irma Recovery

Donate now to support the long-term recovery of those most in need

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Join Keenan in supporting the Center for Disaster Philanthropy in aiding the long-term recovery of the communities affected by the catastrophic Hurricanes Harvey & Irma. Keenan's CEO, Sean Smith, has pledged to match donations submitted through this page up to $10,000. Keenan will also be covering processing fees so 100 percent of your donation will go to the campaign. When the system asks if you would like to cover the 3% transaction fee, select "No" and Keenan will cover the fee for you.

Right now, attention is rightly focused on providing immediate relief to survivors – temporary shelter, food, water, and other basic needs. However the Center for Disaster Philanthropy team knows from past disasters, especially through our experiences with hurricanes and floods, that full recovery will take many years.

In response to the needs that will arise following these storms, the CDP Hurricane Harvey & Irma Recovery Funds will drive support for medium- and long-term recovery needs that will arise in the weeks and months to come. We expect the long-term needs to be rebuilding homes, businesses, infrastructure, meeting the needs of young children, supporting mental health needs, and boosting damaged agricultural sectors. Geographically, the funds will focus on the entirety of the storms' impact area. Specific location and need-focus will be determined by the grant oversight committee.

Your gift will help affected communities face and overcome the challenges that arise long after the storm has past.