Individuals helping individuals devastated by the 2018 Atlantic Hurricanes image

Individuals helping individuals devastated by the 2018 Atlantic Hurricanes

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The fury of hurricanes

The power of Hurricanes Florence and Michael was a stark reminder of the fury of hurricanes and the devastation left in their wake. In response to the needs that will arise following these and other storms that may hit throughout the Atlantic hurricane season, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund will focus on medium- and long-term recovery needs, including rebuilding homes and businesses; meeting the needs of young children; and supporting mental health (among other needs).

The Fund will explore investing in all geographic areas affected by this season's Atlantic hurricanes. Specific locations and funding gaps to address unmet needs will be determined by a grant committee that will be established to guide CDP's staff and board.

The CDP 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund allows donors to give now to support recovery needs that will continue to surface throughout many parts of the United States and the Caribbean long after the public's attention has turned away from these major weather events. Through CDP's unparalleled expertise in disaster management and grantmaking, there will be investments we will invest in projects and initiatives that:

  • Support vulnerable populations whose lives and livelihoods have been devastated;
  • Emphasize funding based upon prevailing needs that emerge in the weeks and months to come;
  • Fill in gaps where public resources are unavailable or scarce;
  • Promote cross-sector coordination with government agencies, academics, donors, think tanks, and public/private humanitarian actors.

Experts predict billions of dollars in economic impact and damages in states across the Southeast.